Crystal Therapy

Gemstones and crystals have been used for centuries, by various cultures around the world, as healing tools and in conjunction with spiritual and emotional healing.

It is believed that the intense pressure that created crystalline structures also enclosed energy that is potent and aligned with the frequencies of earth. Different gems and crystals have specific crystalline healing properties and so may be utilized for specific imbalances in the body and auric field.

Crystals are also used for clearing spaces of negative energies, as well as clearing the body and aura of negativity.

Crystal therapy or crystal healing is a form of energetic healing where a person who is knowledgeable about the properties of gemstone and crystals uses the appropriately matched gems or crystals to help the body of their client to energetically shift in beneficial ways.

Crystal healing strengthens the body and resolves issues and patterns using various forms of natural crystals. The theory is that gemstones carry vibrations. By placing the relevant crystal with the correct vibration within the aura – the client’s aura’s vibrations also change. Often the effects are indirect, but very potent. Other times, the effects are very direct and repeatable.
It is a powerful method of cleansing negative energy, clearing and balancing the chakras, effecting emotional release, and bringing light and healing into all the aura bodies.

A crystal healing can be quite intense. There is often a major energy shift during this type of healing. After a session, there may also be a physical detoxification process that can continue for up to a week.

Be aware of what is happening, allow it. The changes are always positive and are usually gentle.

A full treatment lasts for approximately one hour. The price is €50 per treatment. Alternatively try our taster treatment for half an hour and costs €30.