Wellness Retreat Holidays

The true meaning of holistic is that which deals with the whole person - mental, spiritual and physical. Our holistic wellness retreat holidays are based on the beautiful Greek Island of Zakynthos providing a serene natural environment in which you can relax and unwind. Zakynthos has a magical quality which delights the senses and makes inroads to the heart. A wonderful opportunity for you to find that inner peace and quiet you need.

The emphasis is on wellbeing, rest and relaxation with space and time to engage in joyful holiday activities such as relaxing under sunny skies, swimming, exploring all that this fantastic island has to offer and enjoying the locally produced Greek cuisine.

Our holistic centre is the beautiful Porta Del Mar, meaning ‘door to the sea’ situated on Aboula-Psarou Beach on the north eastern coast. It is a beautifully quiet Mediterranean area surrounded with olive groves and other flora.

Our aim is to provide a haven of peace and tranquility for all our clients, whatever their needs……. a spiritual/holistic retreat holiday offering holistic treatments, massage, relaxing pampering days…….. each one of our retreats are personally designed to accommodate the wishes of each of our guests.

There are many treatments and therapies which are holistic and of great benefit to those seeking renewal, stress relief, healing from emotional upheavals or who just want to feel more happily in tune with their self. Our holidays give you the time and freedom to receive treatments in a dedicated, supportive environment, far from the distractions and stresses of everyday life. Our holistic treatments will leave you feeling refreshed and in balance, ready to get on with life in a positive manner.

Everybody is welcome, singles, couples and groups This experience is unlike any other holiday – it is for anyone but not everyone! But if you want a taste of what life can be, if you are ready for a departure from tired old routines and are looking for inspiration to live the joy of your dreams…… we look forward to meeting you!